But she didn know how deep his drug

But she didn know how deep his drug addiction had sunk. She blamed herself, she said, but she also blames a community for staying silent. Many parents, Waxman later learned, knew that heroin was as easy to buy as soda from a vending machine.. Someone left me old clippings from the Arcata Union about John, his good deeds and good nature. They also explored his childhood seizures and his later confinement for 20 years to a mental institution. The clippings describe the serenity he had found through HCAR in Eureka, the agency for developmentally challenged people.

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“Will they start taxing the person sitting at home with their own rolling machine?” Egy asked, adding that many of his customers had been rolling their own cigarettes at home to save money. It takes a person at home about two hours to roll 200 “smokes” at home compared to eight minutes with one of his machines, Egy said. “This is so much more convenient.”.

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David Harris sits in his outdoor office with Jack Russell terriers Buck, in his lap, and Duke. The office is in the shade of the former restaurant building the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources purchased from the Harris family in December 2010. The indoor office that serves the nearby boat storage facility is on the Harris’ boat, center.